For Your Compliance Toolkit

A “Broken Windows” strategy using bylaws should be part of every local government’s toolkit. Local governments can reduce disorder, crime and beautify their neighbourhoods by using these tools.

Get a bylaw section amended.
$ 599 For Targeted Amendments
  • Flat Rate Fee
Option 1
Updating Policies,
Bylaws and Regulations
Get a bylaw reviewed.
$ 1299 Per Bylaw Review (Less than 15 pages)
  • Flat Rate Fee
Option 2
“Bylaw Buddy” – Coaching
AND ‘Temp’ Bylaw Services
Our Consultants advise on cost-effective approaches.
$ 140 Hourly Rate
  • Save taxpayer dollars!
and Education
Courses and webinars developed to empower your team.
  • Empower your staff, get results and save taxpayer dollars.
Crime Reduction
Get a personalized compliance plan with deliverables.
  • Contact us to get an estimate for your Crime Reduction Plan.
Prosecutions and
Legal Referrals
Clients get a discount!
10% Discount on all lawyers' hourly rates
The latest trends and cases –
from nearby jurisdictions to around the world.
$ 9
Per Month
  • Get the latest trends and cases!
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